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Tracey Shenell

Coaching & Consulting

At Tracey Shenell Coaching & Consulting my mission is to equip, empower, and encourage clients to reach their goals, navigate challenges, and cultivate inclusive spaces.

I leverage decades of academic and professional experience to bring you customized solutions and strategies. 
Whether you're an individual navigating life challenges and transitions, an organization seeking to cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment, a church pursuing racial justice, or a team learning to function more effectively---I'm here to support you as you reach your goals.
Through her coaching programs, she guides clients as they seek to reach personal goals and navigate life challenges and transitions. Her training features guidance and development for diverse leaders, volunteers, and staff in 1-on-1 and team building settings. ​
Begin with a complimentary Discovery Call to see if I’m the right coach, consultant, or speaker for you and your team. During this call, we will look at your current situation, identify where we can make an immediate impact, and discuss a strategy to move forward.

Equip, Empower, Encourage

Tracey coaches her clients to find their voice and create the lives they want. From workshops designed to help you or your organization dig deep around a particular topic, to tools that accelerate personal development and help clarify, pursue, and achieve goals, or help individuals navigate life transitions. Whether it's leadership, communication, or diversity in the workplace, the results-driven approach is to provide you with tools that will make your team more successful.


  • Transformative life coaching 

  • Customized virtual training

  • Curriculum-based on your unique group's learning and development outcome

  • Half-day workshops Online or in-person retreats


You deserve to give yourself or your organization your best shot at success, according to the International Coaching Federation those who work with a coach increase their self-confidence, benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more.


Mary Ellen Azada,


Companies and churches are seeing the deep need to live out Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in its staffing structures and organizational culture. Dr. Tracey's keen insight and vision of how to create a culture that honors the entire team, from the ground up, is what she does instinctively. She will coach you and your team on ways to become that inclusive team.


Marcos Canales, 

Pastor, La Fuente Ministries

Tracey's discerning spirit provides insight, clarity, and reflective questions that have challenged and encouraged my pastoral leadership throughout the years. She is one of the most integrated scholars and practitioners that I know. She is committed to the local church, the pursuit of racial justice, and the spiritual formation needed to navigate these polarizing times.

20200827_163422_2 - Brenda Bertrand.jpg

Brenda Bertrand, 

Consultant and Coach

Dr. Tracey's coaching, consulting, and scholarship disrupt the deeply embedded patterns that inhibit personal and organizational transformation. When it comes to helping individuals and organizations do the internal work needed to bring about social and racial justice, you will look long and hard to find a consultant who is Dr. Tracey's equal.  I'm always challenged toward inspired action when Tracey is in the room. You, too, will want her brilliant mind, discerning heart and influential voice in your corner as you take personal and professional leaps forward.

kevinhaah2015-sq - Kevin Haah.jpg

Kevin Haah,

Lead Pastor, New City

Church of Los Angeles

Dr. Tracey has an exceptional ability to guide people to process and discover on their own rather than just be taught didactically.  Tracey is highly gifted in helping teams develop.  She would be a perfect candidate to lead a team development retreat if you want someone that will help you process and improve team dynamics and functionality.  She helps you find who you are and what you want; she will not impose her own opinion on you.She is excellent in engaging diverse audiences to dig deeper

Ines Headshot Color-Up Close - Ines McBr

 Inés Velasquez-McBryde,

Co-Lead Pastor,
The Church We Hope For

Tracey leads from the intersection of being a highly innovative, organizational leader with exceptional connectedness and relational skills. Tracey is able to clearly and concisely cast vision to a team and effectively equip the individual team members to execute that vision with a spirit of collaboration. She does not see people as a means to an end, but leads with both empathy and strategy.

R_T1 (2) - Rob Robinson.jpeg

Rob Robinsion,

President, Servant Leaders

Tracey is a strong leader and teacher.  I've seen her work in detail when we worked together re-framing a community organization.  She thinks strategically, never gets defeated, and is a powerful ally in challenging the status quo.  Her joyful approach with the strength of her character keeps everyone moving forward together.

Allison - Allison Elizabeth Osborne.jpg

Allison Osborne,


I owe Dr. Tracey a world of thanks for her insightful coaching she gave me a few years ago. I had recently come out of a destructive relationship and was new in recovery. My sense of worth was at an all time low. She came alongside me and provided thoughtful direction and helped me to focus and formulate educational goals and plans of action for my career and calling. She listened intently to me and inspired hope. She seriously knows what she’s talking about!


Kevin Doi,

Co-founder of JOYA Scholars

Tracey is the rarest kind of multidimensional leader--someone who has helped transform spaces and train emerging leaders in academia, church, and business--always from the deep well of her own life. Dr. Tracey embodies her years of experience as researcher, writer, pastor, and teacher, working with individuals and communities on the ground to promote greater understanding and empowerment, particularly in areas of organizational change and racial justice.


Jude Tiersma Watson,

Fuller Seminary/InnerChange

Tracey's speaking is compelling, authentic, skillful, powerful. When I have asked her to speak to my classes, she demonstrates a strong ability to connect with students in honest ways they appreciate. Her content and delivery work together to make her an excellent communicator, whether as teacher, speaker or preacher. I plan to ask her again very soon!

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